Action Plan

by rnb10

What is your action plan for the year?
What area(s) of practice(s) do you intend to develop?
My action plan for the year is to work on and improve the skills I already have yet to gain new skills and broaden my understanding of certain practices that I was too frightened to explore in first year of Viscom.

Ive found that last year I missed out on opportunities and didn’t apply myself to the best of my abilities as I was afraid to make mistakes and get things wrong, I feel that with this brief it gives me the chance to do that. Although my main practice at the moment is illustration, I would like try something new and combine textiles/mixed media into my work as I like working with different and found materials to make my work more life like.
I am also interested in how I can incorporate ceramics into my work practice.

What technology, equipment and software are you likely to use as a practitioner?
At the moment I do not tend to use any particular type of equipment/technology within my work as the majority of my illustrations are done simply by hand, using materials such as paints, pencil crayons, fine liners and other types of pens. From time to time I may use photoshop and similar computer software within my work although my knowledge and understanding of these programs is very basic.

Identify gaps in your knowledge?
My weakest points in the Visual Communication industry are;

  • Film Making.
  • Using technology such as Illustrator, Photoshop etc…
  • Realistic drawing/painting such as portraiture or landscapeimagery.
  • 3D work such as ceramics/sculpture.
What learning are you doing to support this?
I am going to try and practice my hand in drawing as much as possible, push myself to sketch and illustrate items and objects I wouldn’t normally choose to draw. At some point in second year I would like to explore moving image, combining my illustrations to make a film, therefor more in depth workshops on final cut pro would be helpful as well as other editing computing software.
I would also like to do numerous ceramic and sculpture workshops to broaden my knowledge of these different practices.