Light Night: Circus of Senses

by rnb10

Table top circus sideshow


We came together as a group from having shared common interests within the course, we started brainstorming ideas of what would be most entertaining yet simple and engaging for the audience.  It had to be linked to the sideshow Circus so we came up with as many circus like games as we could possibly think of. Although the ideas were flowing, we were over thinking and complicating simple games making it hard to choose a solid idea. In the end we came up with Pin the nose on the Politician.

I think we all contributed equally as a team when it came to suggesting ideas, although we found it difficult to agree on a final idea at first. Some of the other groups in the class had similar ideas to us therefor we had to change and tweak our ideas quite a few times which impacted on the group.
At light night is when I feel our group worked best together, we were split into 2 halves so that the stall wouldn’t seem over crowded when the public arrived.

We came together to set up the stall which went well, we took it in turns to encourage people over to our stall and explain what it was about and what it entitled. The public seemed to really enjoy ‘Pin the nose on the Politician’, they understood the humour of it and the majority of the people at the fair joined in.  In fact the stall was more of a hit than we expected, it got a lot of attention, I think the colourful image of the clown caught peoples attention as well as the floating politicians heads.

I felt overall the stall was quite successful, although in the transition of the stall parts were misplaced which reflected on the set up but we compromised and went on without. Our stall could of been aimed at more of a wider age range, as with it including politicians this made it more adult based but I liked that the game itself was attracting people of a younger age to come try it out. I was pleasantly surprised when asking a young boy which politicians face he would like to pick, he kindly answered with Margret Thatcher.
Another down fall of the stall was that occasionally the clowns nose lost its stick and wouldn’t always stay attached, maybe if we thought this through more in the idea process, we could of improved the stall by coming up with a better way of sticking the nose to the faces.