Experimenting with Portraiture

by rnb10

Stitched Portraits

After researching other textiles artists and their techniques, I decided it was time to start experimenting and produce some of my own work.

From studying Martin Schoeller’s portrait photography I picked out a handful of images I liked and would like to use to explore different techniques, I started with an image of Heath Ledger.

I found that hand stitching took up quite a bit of my time, therefor I found by stitching only part of the image worked better. I am happy with the end results although I would like to try the same effect with a sewing machine to see if I can get quicker results.

Scan Scan 1

Currently getting use to using a machine to stitch, in early stages but I am improving. Once I feel more confident with the machine I would like to transfer these images onto material and created the whole image out of stitch.