Illustrated Essay Ideas & More Research

by rnb10

Primary research

I decided to carry out a survey online to find out why people agree and disagree with the Graffiti culture, the pros and cons of the movement. Here are some of the answers I got.


Graffiti can show messages.
Graffiti can be art. 
A way for people to share their feelings and ideas freely.
It can help to improve the look of an area.
Kids are having fun and they’re not causing any other trouble on the streets.
Before graffiti artists, streets were grey, dull, boring and bland places to be.
The town looks a lot more attractive because of the graffiti.
Museums and art galleries are now considering graffiti as art and placing it in their own buildings. 
Graffiti attracts locals and tourists from around the world.
Spray cans are cheaper than using paints on canvas.
We paint on walls so that we don’t waste paper. Our art means that we are  ‘green’ and don’t harm our planet.


Waste of money cleaning up.
Waste of important police time cleaning it up.
We could be spending council money on more important projects.
Affects shop owners who have to clean their properties.
Money to clean it up comes out of our pockets.
More graffiti means fewer customers in shops or to an area. Fewer customers mean less income/salary/wage.
Has ruined walls, play equipment and trees in the park so children are too scared to go. 
The streets are fine the way they are- we don’t need any colour to brighten them up.
We want to keep the streets clean and green and free of mess.
Graffiti is pollution (visual). The sprays also give off toxic fumes (gas).
Why should it be up to teenagers and kids to decide what our streets look like?
Bad influence on children, who may pick up a bad habit or see something inappropriate.
Graffiti has destroyed road signs and made it confusing for road users to follow.

I discovered that more people had points disagreeing with Graffiti which I was not surprised about, I think it will be a long time before Graffiti has a complete positive outlook.

Images I took of ‘Graffiti’ around Hyde Park: Is Graffiti vandalism or valuable art?

IMG_6276IMG_6287 IMG_6278 IMG_6275




Secondary research

After discovering a debate online I was surprised to see that the poll had been equally divided with 50/50 on votes for and against graffiti, some of the comments being made on the subject compelled me and helped me to understand the publics views on graffiti.

Here is some of the comments:

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 11.41.47


Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 11.32.24


Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 11.40.34

I was interested in how some of the people who believed graffiti is art, still agreed with some of the points the former participants made such as; graffiti is illegal and classed as a crime for defacing someones property. The comments show a good variety of views on the art form and I believe it is a good interpretation of what the public feel about graffiti.