Machine Stitches

by rnb10

Hand stitching became tedious and I thought it was now the perfect time to move onto using a machine to create stitches. I have little and vague experience of using a sewing machine therefor needing my memory to be refreshed when it came to using one… Luckily my friend has a sewing machine of her own and was willing to give me a small demonstration on how to use the machine to create different decorative stitches.
As soon as she started to show me the different settings and how to change the dials, my memory of using a sewing machine came flooding back so I began to experiment with the different stitches I liked on scrap fabric.


I enjoyed using the machine more than hand stitching, it was quicker when it came to getting results and I liked all the different stitches you could easily produce just from changing the settings. Where as with hand stitching it took time and energy to produce the tiniest amount of stitch.