by rnb10

VisLit has been a new experience for me whilst being on this course, this project was very different to the ones in the previous year. At first I was slightly confused with how to approach the work but eventually realised what I was doing wrong and that this project gave me the chance to experiment and better my workmanship from mistakes I was making.

Throughout this project I have discovered that not every piece of work I create needs to be perfect and it does not matter if my work does not turn out how I anticipated. Infact, everything I do is a learning curve and I will better myself no matter what the final product is.

I wanted to learn a new skill that I could use in the future to combine with my preferred genre (illustration) therefor I felt textiles/mixed media was a good skill to acquire.  I went about learning by researching different textiles artists and collecting used urban materials to create abstract pieces with, this meant I was using unfamiliar materials to create pieces which I have not done in the past, it opened up a new way of combining for me.

Procrastination is one of my main struggles when it comes to completing a project, I spend too much time researching what I like and ideas I have rather than getting my head down and making some actual work. I feel as though I still need to learn a way of avoiding or improving this, that way it will not hold me back in future projects and I can work to the best of my ability.

I feel as though I still do not have a strict learning style, I like to try different ways of learning to see what I prefer or what is suited to me on that day. Although I find it easier to learn from watching tutorial videos than reading how to do something from a book, I pick up the skill in a short period of time therefor I require more skills in a shorter amount of time. I used quite a few youtube tutorials throughout this project and found them very beneficial.

I found my research really helps me when it comes to my projects, I enjoy discovering unknown artist that work in a familiar style to me. It helps me to come up with new ideas and ways of working.
Although like I said previously, I can find that my researching sometimes takes over. In this project I found my research benefitted me and I tried not to do too much. Louise O’Hara’s work really opened my eyes to a new way of working and resulted in me creating some unusual pieces of work.

The process of getting things wrong helped me to realise that not every piece of work has to be perfect and neat which is what I tried to do in the past and therefor missed out of other opportunities of producing more work.

Overall I found this project has helped me realise a lot of things about myself and how I learn and this will highly benefit me in future projects. Not every piece of work needs to me perfect or correctly completed to be a good piece of art! I also found that I do not need to stick to one genre of creating, that combining the two can create better and more interesting pieces of work.