Cultural Consumption

by rnb10

 Cultural Consumption List

  1. Watch a subtitled film 
  2. Get involved with/ hold a debate 
  3. Play a board game
  4. Teach someone a skill
  5. Learn a new skill 
  6. Organise or take part in a quiz
  7. Discuss a documentary 
  8. Read a short story 
  9. Go to international supermarket and try a food you have not eaten before 
  10. Go to independent gallery exhibition 
  11. Go to a live event outside of your preferred genre
  12. Watch a TV political debate programme
  13. Have a conversation online with an art student in another country
  14. Visit a community event
  15. Read a recent arts journal 
and highlight a project you find interesting
  16. Visit somewhere beginning with your first initial and fulfill at least 2 of the tasks there
  17. Learn a new word
each day for a week 
  18. Read a review 
  19. Visit a religious building 
  20. Visit a museum
  21. Find a poem that means something to you 
  22. Find out the full name and profession of you Great Grandfather and Grandmother 
  23. Listen to someone inspirational on desert Island disks (radio 4) 
  24. Do something different (you decide)
  25. Review an international blog 
  26. Cook a meal inspired by a book or film 
  27. Learn to spell your name using BSL
  28. Buy and read and compare a story from both a Broadsheet and Tabloid newspaper
  29. Volunteer for an organisation/ event you feel passionately about
  30. Choose your own task