Illustrated Ideas

by rnb10

I found that sketching down my ideas helped me keep ontop of things and monitor where I was going with my work rather than just writing it down, so here are a few of my illustrations and experimentation.

Normal Brain


Brain suffering from Alzheimer’s


Practice Hand Stitch




Although I liked the outcome of using hand stitch I found that it was taking up too much of my time and to create a much larger piece of work using this technique in the time I had to make my exhibition piece, it just would not work.

Practice Machine Stitch



I really enjoyed using the machine to stitch into my illustrations, I like the messiness of the stitch. Along with the colours it documents the confusion and havoc of the disease eating away at the brain. I found that using the sewing machine it was a lot less time consuming than hand stitch therefor I could produce more work in less time and I also preferred the finished outcome.