25. Review of International Blog

by rnb10

‘The Lost Girls’



The Lost Girls is a travel blog created by three close friends. In June 2006 the three women left their jobs, boyfriends, apartments and everything they once knew in New york to embark on a journey like no other before, a year long adventure searching for inspiration.
They began building up an itinerary that started in South America and crawled eastward through Africa, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia and Australia, they wanted to explore the countries cultures, mindsets and lifestyles of there international counterparts, getting to know thousand of strangers to somewhat find who they are themselves.

Since the launch of the blog it has grown to become a go to blog for younger women looking to travel, young women seeking the fulfil there wanderlust go to the page for support and advise on how to travel.
Also winner of the 2007 Travvies Award for “Best Group Written Travel Blog” and a Finalist in both the  2007 Blogger’s Choice Awards and 2008 Weblog Awards.

I really enjoyed looking through this blog, reading through the accounts of the different countries and cities they have visited just makes me want to pack up everything and leave on a journey of a lifetime! From reading through the blog posts you can see how helpful it is to other women who are wanting to have a similar experience to the three lost girls, they feel comfortable taking the girls advice and feel safe.
Another great feature of the blog is how easy you can find the different posts on each country, simply select the country you’d like advise on and there appears several posts on where to visit once you get there!

In the near future I will definitely be referring back to this blog for help on what countries to travel too and what activities and monuments to visit once I’m there.