9. International Food

by rnb10

Polish food from Krok Po Kroku group

At my meeting with the Krok Po Kroku group on Friday I got the chance to try some of there favourite Polish snacks, I was slightly nervous to try the different foods at first but excited at the same time. Joanna, the leader of the group took us through the different snacks and sounded out there Polish names correctly for us to take note.

Paluszki – Pretzel Stick

The first thing I chose to try was Paluski, Paluski is a sesame pretzel like stick. We do have something similar in England but it is covered in salt where as the Paluski is a lot healthier only being covered in sesame seeds.

Pierniki Iszatki – Sweet Ginger Biscuit

I think these biscuits were my favourite out of all the snacks we were offered, Pierniki Iszatki is a ginger biscuit that comes in different shapes and is sprinkle with icing sugar. The texture of this biscuit reminded me of Rusk biscuits although they were sweeter with more flavour, I really enjoyed them and would like to try them again.


Tymbark – Polish Juice

We were offered Cherry and Apple Tymbark juice which was very different to the juice flavours we are used to in England, I have never come across this combination before, it was a unique taste.


Indian brittle bar from Torshell
A lady working at the youth centre had just got back from a holiday in India and had brought some Indian sweets back for the visitors of the youth centre to try.
Peanut Chikki also known as Kapalandi Mittai reminded me of a granola bar but a lot more sweet and less chewy, I am a big fan of peanuts so I really enjoyed the Peanut Chikki although I found it quite hard to bite into.