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Month: April, 2014

COP 3 Show & Tell Proposal

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New anti cap earthrace row poster whale

“One side views Seaworld as a Garden Hilton for Killer Whales, and the other side views it as a Hanoi Hilton for Killer Whales.” – David Kirby: Death at Seaworld.

“This is a multi-billion dollar corporation that makes its money through the exploitation of Orcas.” – Blackfish




COP 3 Research

Ideas and research for COP 3
Subject: Whale Captivity

‘Delphinidae’ – 36 species of dolphins and whales.

List of Whales that have been in captivity:

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140 Orcas have died in captivity, and there are currently only 45 live Orcas known to be living in captivity. Of these Orcas, 26 were born in captivity, while the other nineteen were born in the wilds.
Some scientists say that male Orcas live to be about 30 years old, and females live to be about 50 years old in the wilds, while others believe that the males live to be about 50 and the females live to be about 90 years old. However, all scientists agree that both male and female Orcas held in captivity don’t live much more than twenty years.
Animal activist feel that Orcas are only taken into captivity for entertainment and profit, and not for scientific study. Furthermore, they feel that any scientific study of Orcas would be best done in the killer whale’s natural habitat – not in aquariums.
Another concern for Orcas that are born in the wilds, then taken into captivity, is the fact that Orcas live in pods – or families – and their families operate much like our human families do – with strong attachments and emotions. The psychological effect of tearing these majestic creatures away from their family members is a great source of concern.

Campaign to free Tilikum, Campaign to free Morgan Orcas that were both taken from there natural habit to be bred in captivity.

Creative Conscience Final Submission – 10/04/14

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