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Month: June, 2014

Folksy Update

Just a little update on my Folksy store statistics, I am yet to have any of my prints or products bought unfortunately although I have had quite a few views in the past month with my ‘Butterflies are self propelled flowers Print’ being the most viewed.


New Listings On Folksy – Phone Case Designs

I thought it was about time I uploaded some more products on my Folksy store, I wanted to put something up a little different to my simple prints and something that would be more accessible for the public to buy.
So what better than phone cases! Everyone needs a phone case at some point or another so I thought why not print my designs onto the back of them,  here are some of the designs I believe looked best and would be most appealing to the buyer.

New Website Design & Ideas

After opening up my Folksy shop I realised I needed another online platform to promote myself and my work which is easy for people to find and contains all of my work and links to other my social media platforms so what better than to create my own website.
For a while I struggled with finding a website creator that was suited to my needs and was free of cost as well as being easy to use as i’m not the best when it comes to technical computer work.

Eventually I found Wix, Wix is an easy and care free HTML editor that makes it so easy that its even capable for children to create there own website!

After getting to grips with how I wanted the design of my website to look I started uploading my imagery and here are a few screenshots of what it looks like at the moment, I wanted to keep my website very minimal and easy for the public to find links to what they need e.g. what products I sell, a gallery of my prints etc.

Although it is no where near finished or has it been published online yet, I feel happy and confident with the way it is looking at the present and can not wait for it to be finished, hopefully having a website will get me a little more publicity and be easier way of promote myself and my artwork.

More Print Making

First attempt at Lino Printing

Print Making

I decided I need to start doing some print making, even if it was just little samples using things I found around my house and garden of course.
After collecting a few plants and flowers I thought had interesting textures and would make a good print I got going with printing!

Here are some samples of what I used and the end products, still in early stages and not everything came out as well as I thought it would but its a start.

Day out… Getting inspired by nature!

Theres nothing I enjoy more than going out and capturing wildlife, flowers make such beautiful imagery and I find them to be great inspiration for drawings.
I love capturing the bright, organic colours that flowers behold. Here are some of the images I captured on a day out at Bents garden centre, the plants and flowers gave me some great flora and fauna ideas for future prints.


Inspiration – Natalie Spencer

Natalie Spencer specialises in surface pattern and textile crafts, she also exhibited at the New Designers in London and walked away with the Wilkinson award for the ‘most commercial surface design.’

 “I love pattern and colour, and often like to work with abstract/ quirky imagery.”

Natalie’s work made an impression on me straight away, I love the colour combinations and how beautiful the collations or circles just make this unique pattern. This project was based around science and the microscopic imagery of cells, the organic feel of this work is just breath taking, I have never seen any artwork that is similar to these pattern prints.

Most textile and surface pattern designers use flora and fauna or botanical imagery in their work and somehow Natalie has reinvented that by using the cells of plants, wonderful idea!

Inspiration – Louise Taylor

Louise Taylor is infact a past graduate of Leeds College of Art, she is a Textile and Surface designer that also features her work around Florals and specialises in scarf designs. Her work has the ‘English Rose’ feel to it and gives off a vintage vibe.

“The intention is to create a collection of beautiful, original pieces, made in the uk, that are precious and designed to be treasured.”

Louise has kept the old school vintage floral work alive in her designs, although it has that traditional 1940’s housewife vibe she still manages to keep her work up to date with printing her designs onto scarfs. All her work is hand painted with watercolour from hand drawn beautiful designs inspired by vintage flora of course, she then adapts her designs using software such as photoshop.

These beautiful traditional designs are so dainty and intricate that you can not help but fall inlove with them, if your a fan of vintage textiles used in the modern day then Louise designs are perfect.

All Louise’s products are found on her website:



I found it really inspiring to find a past student from my university on Business Boom Collective, personally seeing a graduate from my university being commended gave me an extra push to try my best at what I do and hopefully someday i’ll be commended for my work on BB collective too.

Creative Research – MTV & Viva Peta Campaign

At the moment, my creative aspect of my dissertation stays at a stand still. I am not too sure which path I want to take in creating a piece of art work, whether I want it to be a illustration or combining illustration and print and how I would be able to apply this into a campaign around animal captivity.

The best form of research surrounding art in animal matters is PETA, the Peta campaigns range from all different types of animal awareness making great inspiration for my creative response.

Here are some images from the German Music channels MTV and VIVA Peta campaign, it was to raise awareness of animal rights and the way caged animals suffer in captivity. VJs and hosts from MTV and VIVA stripped naked and posed as caged animals with artistic body paint to get out the message.