Documentary Research – An Inside Look At The Exotic Animal Trade

by rnb10


Key Points of Documentary

  • “Most people who want to buy an exotic pet are what you call impulse buyers.” – Joe Taft.
  • “If your a bad guy and want to make money and have a much lower chance of getting caught the wildlife trade is perfect.” – L.T. John Fitzpatrick.
  • Wildlife trafficking is an estimate $19 billion industry.
  • Oct. 2011 – “Chaos at Zamesville exotic animal farm: 24 hours of killing” – owner had a large collection of exotic cats, turned them loose then committed suicide. All cats had to be killed. (in Ohio)
  • Animal auctions – exotic animals sold to highest bidder. Tigers sold for as little as $25. Auctions take place in States that have no laws on owning, buying/selling of exotic animals.
  • Gaming ranch in Gause, Texas buys exotic livestock at auction. The animals are then sold for up to $15,000 to individuals who spend getaway weekends hunting on the property. (You do not need to own a hunting permit to hunt on the property).

My thoughts:

Another documentary into the exotic pet trade on a broader scale, mainly takes you into the trading/buying aspect of the animal trade. It astonishing how little people know about the animals they are selling and how little they will actually sell them for! The part that struck me most in this documentary is the section on the gaming ranch in Texas, I can’t believe people would spend as much as $15,000 buying an animal to go out and kill it for the simple fact of enjoyment.