Documentary Research – The Tiger Next Door

by rnb10

Tiger Next Door

Key Points in Documentary:

  • “Experts estimate that there are now more tigers in private captivity in the USA than there are roaming in the world”.
  • In 21 states in the USA it is legal to own a tiger.
  • 10 – 15,000 tigers in possession in the United States.
  • Tiger found in Harlem apartments, kept as pet.
  • Killing and trading of unwanted/elderly tigers.
  • Dead tigers are worth more than alive.
  • “The best way to evaluate the moral progress of any community is the way they threat there animals” – Ghandi.

My thoughts:

The exotic pet trade is very much alive and kicking in the US, many people mainly celebrities or people blessed with wealth possess some sort of wild animal as a pet.
I felt this documentary highlighted how people think they are helping the animals and keeping them safe in captivity when really it is actually causing them harm, it shows that peoples judgement can be clouded by the fascination and obsession to own a dangerous exotic animal in their home.

What people don’t realise is even the biggest zoo habitats aren’t big enough for wild animals to live in, therefor keeping an exotic animal in your home really is not sufficient for the animals health and well-being.