Discovering… ‘Business Boom Collective’

by rnb10


I first came across the ‘Business Boom Collective’ when searching for illustration, print making and textile inspiration. The reason BB collective stood out to me was because I seen they were promoting a Leeds College of Art past graduate and therefor I wanted to find out more!

The Business Boom Collective is a young creatives network, a place to discover up-and-coming talented students, graduates and freelance creatives from the UK and beyond. They collaborate with many universities and colleges keeping up to date with the best of the UK’s talented young creatives.
It is the perfect online platform to efficiently find the brightest individuals linked to the worlds of fashion, photography, art, design and more.

BB collective are a great source of research for me and i’m very happy that I came across this online network, they contain the perfect about of information on the artist as well as using just enough images to get across the artist’s style of work. Great find!