Inspiration – Marcella Wylie

by rnb10

Marcella Wylie a Scottish illustrator and textile designer based in Glasgow, with her work being mainly flower based, flora and fauna inspired. Her illustrations are a combination of vibrantly coloured inks and daintily painted forms of nature.

“I enjoy celebrating the exquisite beauty and extraordinary diversity of nature, its shapes and forms as well as its bold and sometimes unexpected colour.” 


Marcella manages to capture the essence of the natural beauty of nature within her illustrations and prints, I love the free feel of the splattered ink and hand drawn flowers clearly showing the pencil lines. It gives the prints that broken down factor of quality hand made images.

I also think its great how she can adapt her prints to work on any type of platform, for instance; an iphone case. This is what makes her work so unique and although she makes her prints with a old school ethic and style, she shows how easy it is to modernise and update a piece of artwork to fit in with the business world of today.

Here are some images of the products you’ll find on Marcella’s website: