Documentary Research – The Last Real Circus Family

by rnb10

Key points of documentary:

  • The Rosaire family circus is made up of only rescued animals. Non bought nor been traded for profit.
  • Badly ran, only profit making circuses give all circuses a bad name and paint them in a negative light that the animals are there for profit and entertainment use only! No care for the animals welfare.
  • “There basically is no circus anymore, its a dying artform.” – Pamela Rosaire
  • “I think people will miss it when it’s gone, if they don’t pay attention it will be.” – Kay Rosaire
  • “We try to rescue as many exotic animals that we can.” – Clayton Rosaire
  • The Rosaire’s are a tenth generation circus family, dating back to medieval England.
  • “Circuses can not provide animals with the facilities they need to be healthy and happy.” – Animal Rights activist
  • “All circuses claim to be educational but they are still profit making enterprises who often put their own commercial self – interest infront of animals welfare.” – Animal Rights activist
  • “All the animals I ever trained were always rescued, I never bought any animals.” – Kay Rosaire
  • Pamela Rosaire bought baby chimps that were heading for research to save them from being tested on.
  • “Our mission has become really important over the last 20 years because environmental issues that are going on with animals disapearing. We are able to let people see them up close and personal, and it makes them much more willing to help them in the wild.” – Kay Rosaire
  • If it wasn’t for circus, 5 species of bear would be extinct.

My thoughts:

Although this documentary could be seen as being biased I enjoyed watching it and finding out that there are circuses out there that don’t run entirely for profit from the animals.
The Rosaire family only rescue exotic animals and give them a home better than the one they came from, for example they saved chimps from being kept in a cage and tested on and for me it change my views and opinions on circuses.

I believe if people watch this is will change some opinions and that not all zoo’s are bad enterprises, you can clearly see from the footage how much the family puts into taking care of the animals and that they truly do love them.