Inspiration – Louise Taylor

by rnb10

Louise Taylor is infact a past graduate of Leeds College of Art, she is a Textile and Surface designer that also features her work around Florals and specialises in scarf designs. Her work has the ‘English Rose’ feel to it and gives off a vintage vibe.

“The intention is to create a collection of beautiful, original pieces, made in the uk, that are precious and designed to be treasured.”

Louise has kept the old school vintage floral work alive in her designs, although it has that traditional 1940’s housewife vibe she still manages to keep her work up to date with printing her designs onto scarfs. All her work is hand painted with watercolour from hand drawn beautiful designs inspired by vintage flora of course, she then adapts her designs using software such as photoshop.

These beautiful traditional designs are so dainty and intricate that you can not help but fall inlove with them, if your a fan of vintage textiles used in the modern day then Louise designs are perfect.

All Louise’s products are found on her website:



I found it really inspiring to find a past student from my university on Business Boom Collective, personally seeing a graduate from my university being commended gave me an extra push to try my best at what I do and hopefully someday i’ll be commended for my work on BB collective too.