New Website Design & Ideas

by rnb10

After opening up my Folksy shop I realised I needed another online platform to promote myself and my work which is easy for people to find and contains all of my work and links to other my social media platforms so what better than to create my own website.
For a while I struggled with finding a website creator that was suited to my needs and was free of cost as well as being easy to use as i’m not the best when it comes to technical computer work.

Eventually I found Wix, Wix is an easy and care free HTML editor that makes it so easy that its even capable for children to create there own website!

After getting to grips with how I wanted the design of my website to look I started uploading my imagery and here are a few screenshots of what it looks like at the moment, I wanted to keep my website very minimal and easy for the public to find links to what they need e.g. what products I sell, a gallery of my prints etc.

Although it is no where near finished or has it been published online yet, I feel happy and confident with the way it is looking at the present and can not wait for it to be finished, hopefully having a website will get me a little more publicity and be easier way of promote myself and my artwork.