Creative Research Inspiration

by rnb10

It is about time I start piecing together bits of inspiration and ideas for my creative piece of my dissertation, at the moment I am not too sure what direction I want to go with it, all I know is I want it to involve animal captivity in the Zoo.

I wanted to start off by looking at different activist that are involved in animal rights and against animal captivity, to understand their beliefs towards animal captivity and what they are doing to try and stop it.

Activists I found inspiring:

  • Ric O’Barry
  • Jane Goodall
  • Marianna Tosca
  • Cindy Lowry

Photography and animal rights seems to go hand in hand, many campaigns supporting animal rights seem to involve photography and use it as a good tool to get across the message they want to publicly.

Photographers I found inspiring:

  • Gaston Lacombe
  • Britta Jaschinski
  • Daniel Kukla
  • Andrew Walmsley

With illustration being my main practice obviously I wanted to have some form of it in my creative piece, but I don’t know how I am going to use it to get the message across I want to portray aswell as linking it to my written piece. I struggled to find illustration being used to support animal rights but I did find some animal illustrators.

Illustrators I found inspiring:

  • Amy Holliday
  • Sarah Maycock
  • Daniel Mackie
  • Peony Yip
  • Ola Liola