Pony The Orangutan

by rnb10


Here is a small anecdote of how cruel and disgusting the world can be, animal cruelty in captivity happen everyday but I have never experience of read about a story as saddening and horrible as the story of Pony the Orangutan.

Pony is a female Orangutan from a small village in Borneo, this particular village in Borneo is a prostitute village. When Pony was found by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, she was completely bald from being shaved and chained to a wall lying on a dirty mattress.

The most sickening part of this story is that Pony was being used as a sex slave, if a male walked by or approached Pony she would present herself and gyrate to get there attention. She had been held captive by a sex madam and was being exploited for money which none of it got spent on Pony or was her health or well-being any of the importance to her madam.

The madam would not give up Pony easily as she brought in a lot of her income as she was thought to have been lucky and very popular with the male customers as she was seen as a novelty to many of the men.

Pony was in bad shape, her skin was very irritated from all the shaving and she was constantly bitten by insects which led to getting infected and septic causing her a lot of pain.

Eventually Pony was rescued and is now in a better place and much better shape and will no longer be exploited for money.

For more info on Pony’s rescue go to: http://www.vice.com/read/yo1-v14n10

To keep up with Pony’s improvements go to: http://orangutan.or.id/ponys-new-life-2/

I can not believe anyone would do this to a poor, selfless animal in vain of their own gain in wealth. This is a prime example of how cruel people can be towards animals that can not protect themselves, Pony was that damaged that she automatically presented herself to any male approaching as the motions had been drilled into her many times over the years.
No one has yet been punished for these unspeakable actions as there are no laws against animal captivity and cruelty in Borneo.