Heatons Art Trail

by rnb10

After finding out there was an art trail happening in my area I had to attend, I was very intrigued to see the talented artist that are necessarily well known and are from my area.
What I discovered was an array of beautiful, original, hand made pieces of art ranging from photography to ceramics, I did not realise the diversity of artists that lived so close to my home.

I was overwhelmed by the amazing garden studios and how much the art was selling for! I couldn’t believe that art being made in someones comfort of their backgarden was going for hundreds of pounds.

My favourite most inspiring artist from the trail was Moira Walton, I fell INLOVE with her garden studio. It was so minimal and simplistic, it was completely up my street filled with etchings and paint markings and millions of trinkets found on her travels that she used to create imagery. it was a dream!
Now her work was even more beautiful, paint stripes and marks in neutral colours inspired by the nature and the sea. Although her paintings were very simple, they just made sense.

Pokusevski’s Deli – Avril Neagle

Kro Bar – Bev Brocklehurst

Stanley Studio – Moira Walton

Norman Studio – Liz Cooksey and Jane Dzisiewski

Egerton Studio – Rachel Cooke

Lynwood Studio – Ton Von Krogh, Dionne Swift and Jo Lavelle Jewellery