Creative Concept – Rough Sketches

by rnb10

Still uncertain of my finalised idea of what I want to portray for the creative concept of COP3, knowing I want to create an arts campaign similar to the style of campaigns WWF create but using only illustration, although I want to experiment with as many mediums and styles as possible to see what works best with the message I want to portray. I found that the best thing to do would be to start with some rough sketches of animals you particularly found in captivity, mainly in zoo’s, safari parks and animal conservations.

Rough Sketches:


Watercolour sketches:


I find watercolour very easy to work with as well as, I find I produce to the best of my ability when working with watercolours, I find the fluidity of the paint easy to manipulate and capture the tones of the object.
Watercolours are free and make painting life like objects a lot more enjoyable.