Animal Cruelty Campaign Research

by rnb10

I have decided that for my practical piece within COP3, a campaign against animal captivity would run along side my written piece and tie in perfectly. Before I start to brainstorm ideas for my own piece I wanted to gather some examples and information on some of the most famous animal cruelty campaigns as well as campaign pieces I for inspiring.


Peta campaign for a range of animal causes from saying no to fur to saving seals. Peta’s main selling point of the campaigns is the link with celebrities, the charity include famous beings who say they are interested in the cause and want to help fight for it. I believe this is a great business ploy to attract audiences to care about the cause as the public highly admire celebrities and follow in their footsteps.

The campaign is in photography and poster form representing the celebrity as the animal, recreating the suffering that they are going through regarding the subject of the cause. Each poster contains amazing makeup, photography and graphic skills to recreate the effects of the animals suffering and bring it into reality.



I love WWFs campaigns, the posters truly make you think about the chaos and suffering that is happening to animals as well as what we need to do to protect our planet. Unlike Peta, WWF take more of an artistic approach in their campaigns and each campaign is unlike the last. WWF choose clever quotes and ideas to generate to the public what is happening to our species, I admire the creativity and intellectual thought process of the WWF campaigns.

Miscellaneous campaigns:

Here are a few campaigns that caught my eye and stood out to me and I believe that the ideas behind these campaigns are unique and compelling, achieving what they want by attracting the publics eye. They gave me great inspiration towards my ideas behind my campaign.