Children’s Educational Book

by rnb10

After many thoughts and ideas I have decided to go down a different path with my practical piece of COP3, although a campaign poster would be the obvious motive and answer to my question. I found that a more interesting route for me personally would be to illustrate and create a children’s educational book on exploitation of animals in captivity, as well as providing initial information on the animal captive.

Throughout my research I have found time and time again that the reason people give for keeping animals captive always turns out to be the same or of similar purpose, ‘They are used to educate the public’, ‘The public would not be able to see these animals if it was not for zoo’s’ etc. When a matter of fact children are often disappointed and bored when visiting zoo’s as they do not live up to they’re expectations of seeing a wild animal and its surroundings.

Therefor my idea is to create a medium for children to learn from rather than having to visit zoo’s and get the wrong perception of how animals live in the wild.