My Style

by rnb10

Over the years and my time at university I have found it hard to come up with ‘my unique style’ and as we all know to be an illustrator, you have to have ‘that unique style’.

The thing with me is, I LOVE experimenting! I love finding new ways of creating and making, I love when you find that unusual way to combine a certain material with my illustrations, I love using materials in unconventional ways, basically I love being different.

But I have found that in the working world of illustration, it does help to establish you as an artist if you require a individual style, something that makes you stand out from the rest.

I don’t feel that I have completely found my unique style yet, although as I progress through my third and final year of university, I have found that working with simple drawings and combining watercolour variations seems to be working for me.

I take a lot of my inspiration from the illustrator Sally Spratt, creator of ‘The Lust List’ I find her work beautiful and although her illustrations are not of great detail they still capture the object she is drawing. Also a lot of her work is commercial based which shows that you don’t have to adopt a certain style of illustration to get jobs from companies such as magazines, retail etc.


For the time being I plan to work on my illustration and watercolour painting skills and hopefully, sooner or later I will be able to finalise that unique style of mine! I am also considering combining inks into my work to see what different effects I can create.

I believe that I am making good progress finding my style, I am starting to see a pattern within the work I have recently been creating which I am happy with. Hopefully this will continue and my collection of work will grow stronger.