Contacting my favourite illustrators…

by rnb10

After having a maniac week of stress and procrastination I realised it was about time I got myself into gear and started contacting some successful illustrators. Of course I had to try and get in contact with my favourite artists, getting advice from them about the illustration world would be the best inspirational push for me at the moment.

One of the first illustrators I contacted was Sally Spratt, I find that I have similarities with her work and therefor could really benefit from her advice. Aswell as being one of her fans, I have been following her artwork on instagram for over a year now.

I tried to keep the emails short and sweet yet getting in as much information as I could without sounding annoying! I understand that they are all established and busy working illustrators and I did not want to come across as if I was too eager and taking up too much of their time.

I also contacted Liz Clement, Charmaine Olivia and Nina Cosford, I wanted to make sure I contacted illustrators who’s work I admire of course but also make sure that they were unique in style and work ascetic to eachother, that way I will get the most variation out of their replies.

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