Updated StoryPlan

by rnb10

Age range changed to 7 – 9 year olds.

Story Plan: Free Tilly

  • 1st & 2nd Page: Meet Tilikum the largest Orca in captivity. He’s over 22 feet in length and weighs 12,500 pounds. Wild Orcas are one of the cleverest animals on the planet. Orcas have a very strong family bond and live with their families for their entire life.
  • 3rd Page: When Tilikum was only 2 years old, he was captured and taken away from his family and home. He was very scared.
  • 4th Page: After being captured poor Tilikum was held in a horrible concrete tank for a year. All he could do was swim in small circles and float on the surface; it was a big change from being free to swim miles of the ocean with his family.
  • 5th & 6th Page: Sealand of the Pacific bought Tilikum and started to train him for shows. He did not like Sealand of the Pacific, it was very run down and dirty. They would starve him of food until he perfected his tricks and the older female Orca’s would be mean to Tilikum. He was forced to perform 7 days a week, 8 times a day.
  • 7th Page: As the days went on Tilikum became more and more stressed in captivity as well as becoming ill. He began taking his anger out on the people around him.
  • 8th Page: One day Tilikum took a turn for the worse… His trainer Katie fell into the pool! He pulled her down in the pool and tried to hurt her. Tilikum had turned dangerous. This would not be the last time Tilikum would try to hurt his trainer.
  • 9th Page: Sealand of the Pacific no longer wanted Tilikum and sold him to Seaworld. Seaworld did not care about Tilikums reputation. They just used him to perform, he was the biggest whale in captivity.
  • 10th Page: Tilikums tank at Seaworld was made up of chemical filled water and he also had no protection from the hot sun. Captivity had a bad effect on Tilikum, being held in a tiny pool was unhealthy. He began to show unusual behaviour for an orca.
  • 11th Page: As years went by Tilikum was involved in many vicious attacks towards his trainers. Captivity effects animals in strange ways, most of the time is brings out their anger. Tilly would also bite his metal gate and sides of his tank, hurting his teeth.
  • 12th Page: Tilikum misses his family. He is separated from the other Orcas because of his angry attacks. Being kept in isolation for a year made Tilly very lonely. This is not a normal life for an orca.
  • 13th Page: Tilikum was eventually returned to performing. He does not enjoy performing. He just wants to be free. He is not the only orca that suffers from living in captivity.
  • 14th Page: Over the years at Seaworld, Tilikum has had less and less contact with other orcas and humans. Making him a very lonely whale. Orcas are used to being around a large family of other orcas. Being separated from their family is unhealthy, making them ill.
  • 15th Page: Captivity does not help wild animals in anyway, it is not healthy. Orcas have been performing for many years now and it is time for it to stop. Tilikum is getting old and it is time to set him free so he can live a happy life in the wild.
  • 16th Page: Its time to free Tilikum. (Link to petition/website)